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Ride on Mowing & Property Care Specialists

Lawn Mowing, Gardening, Hedges, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding,Footpath and Building Cleaning, Fencing, Retaining Walls, Site Signage, Non Chemical Weed Control

We specialise in creating maintenance plans, scheduling visits to meet the growth seasons and your lawn cutting specs, weed eating and edging styles.We currently work across Auckland including: Auckland Central, West Auckland, North Shore and Rodney Areas

Likewise with your landscaping, we plan in regular weeding and hedge cutting schedules, tree trimming, as well as any garden upgrade goals you may have.We can also supply Non Chemical Weed Control options.

Property Care Solutions

We have a long history of scheduled mowing and grounds maintenance work from Councils, Commercial Properties, Rural and Large Lot Urban sites.

Auckland Ride On Mowing

Ride-on Mowing

> Scheduled Cutting Times
> Front lawns
> Paddock Mowing
> Weedeatting
> Square Edge Options
> Spraying and Fertilisers
> Forming and Rolling
> Re-seeding
> "Back Yard Rescues"

Gardening & Hedges

> Scheduled Weeding
> Hedge Cutting
> Tree Trimming
> Weed Matting
> Bark Installation
> Edging and Borders
> Planting
> Weed spraying

Auckland Gardening and Maintenance
Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

> Hedge trimming
> Tree trimming
> Garden barking
> Autumn leaf removal
> Footpath cleaning and repairs
> Fence repairs and upgrades
> Building and site signage
> Graffiti removal
> General handy man jobs

Site Clearing & Cleaning

> Small tree removal
> Onsite tree mulching
> Digging out existing plantings
> Rubbish removal
> Stump grinding
> Topsoil importation
> Grass seed planting

Garden Site Clearing
Non Chemical Weed Control

Non Chemical Weed Control

Our non chemical quest spans over 30 years, testing other non chemical solutions including flame and steam, but arriving at scheduled hot water and, even better, hot foam, being the most commercially viable alternative to weed spraying developed to date.Over almost 20 years our staff have refined and successfully proven this technology actually works in the real world.

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